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  • Paul Holden
    Sales Manager
    860-442-2323 ext.227

    For over 20 years Paul has the been the General Sales Manager at Secor Subaru.  Paul resides in Colchester,CT with his wife Kathy. As many of his customers already know, Paul has a passion for skiing, bicycling and photography. Paul also proudly represents Secor Subaru at a variety of community activities and organizations.  Paul's special skills come from his curiosity about life and genuine intellectual desire to know how things work. His unique ability to connect to people, and to connect people with interests by listening to their stories and sharing a few of his own spans a range from photography, to sports, great food, cars, the Kiwanis Club, and the New London Rotary Club as a corporate member representing Secor Auto Group,

  • Kevin O'Donovan
    Finance Manager
    860-442-2323 ext.222

    We welcome back Kevin O'Donovan, Finance Manager, who is a 21+ year veteran of Secor Auto Center. Kevin has been involved with the sales side of Secor Volvo and Secor Saab more recently, having worked at the beginning of his career at Subaru dealerships. When asked what he likes most about his long and storied career, Kevin responds, "I love meeting nice people, hearing their stories, helping them fulfill their dreams and get what they want. Lots of customers are repeat customers. It's nice to see them come back and what is really exciting is when they come in to buy a car for their kids because there is that much trust in the product and the dealership." Kevin enjoys the fast-paced energy of the Secor dealership and giving our customers more of the kind of service they expect. Kevin, who is married and has three children, will be travelling to Scotland with his wife to visit their elder son who is working there for a Hartford insurance company on a multiple year stint that takes him as far afield as Dubai. Besides travelling, Kevin also enjoys blue grass music, playing the guitar, and going to concerts and festivals. Another thing that Kevin appreciates are the stories told in Subaru ads, commenting "they are great ads. Who doesn't love them?!" We definitely agree with you there, and invite our Subaru customers in soon to meet and share their stories with Kevin.

  • Carlos R. Pineda
    Used Car Manager
    860-442-2323 ext.242

    Hello my name is Carlos. I am one of the Sales & Leasing professionals here at Secor Subaru. I am also the Pre-Owned Inventory manager. I have been employed here at Secor Subaru for over 10 years. I have been in the auto industry for over 15 years, and all of this time has been with Subaru. 

    My family and I live in Wakefield RI. I would have never guessed I would have become a "car salesman", and if it weren't for my Father in Law, who was a Sales Manager for a Subaru dealership, I would probably still be bar tending & waiting tables. He assured me that I had what it took to be an exceptional sales professional due to my customer service experience in the restaurant industry. He told me long ago "treat people how you would want to be treated", and I remind myself of that everyday. One of the things I pride myself on is the amount of repeat and referral business I receive on a monthly basis. This means I must be doing something right!!

  • Everet Dahlquist
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    860-442-2323 ext.225

    Evert brings over 20 years of automotive sales experience with him, the last 4 of which were with Subaru. Like the rest of our staff, Evert is low pressure and easy to deal with, so stop by Secor's and talk cars with Evert.

  • Dan Mirles
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    860-442-2323 ext.241

    Secor Subaru welcomes Dan Mirles to it's fine staff of Sales Associates. Dan has been active in the automotive industry for the past 3 years and has earned the prestigious Council of Sales Leadership - Gold Level status.  Dan resides in Westerly, Rhode Island with his wife and four children.

  • Russell Jolly
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    860-442-2323 ext.230

    Russ Jolly, Secor Subaru Sales & Leasing Consultant began working at Secor Auto Center in 2014. In a previous work life, he served 21 years in the Coast Guard. Russ enjoys the interaction with people most having worked at Secor Mitsubishi prior to joining the sales staff at Secor Subaru. He loves facilitating a sale for customers, relating to them as individuals and helping to fulfill their dreams. Russ has four children, and in his spare time he enjoys music and spending time with his two younger children who live at home with him. Stop by Secor Subaru to see Russ and talk cars.

  • Emily Wagner
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    860-442-2323 ext.229

    Emily has been with Secor Subaru for almost a year now.  She graduated from Salve Regina University in Rhode Island where she received a B.S. and M.A. in Criminal Justice.  Before entering this line of work, Emily dabbled in social work for a not-for-profit organization.  Emily is thriving at Secor Subaru:  "One thing I really like is that there are a lot of similarities between this business and human services. I love meeting new people and assessing what they need and want.  I take a lot of pride in selling Subarus because it is one of the safest cars on the market.  I take pride in representing Secor Subaru and selling their product."  In her spare time Emily loves to go to the beach, go boating, and spend time with her family.  Stop by Secor Subaru soon to meet Emily and share your car needs with her!

  • Larry Becker
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    860-442-2323 ext.234

    Larry Becker Secor Subaru Sales & Leasing Consultant, began his career in the automotive industry in 1986. He has done Subaru finance in the past but his passion now is sales. Larry loves people and knows he is selling a great product, so when asked what he loves about what he does he responds, "I love the interaction with people, knowing that I can make people safe and happy." In a previous professional life, Larry attended culinary school (ask him about his recipe for duck a l'orange!) and when in the Air Force lived in England for two years. In his spare time, Larry loves to cook, play the guitar, go to the beach or watch classic films from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Stop by Secor Subaru and look up Larry Becker.

  • Angel Izquierdo
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

  • Jackie Morales
    Internet Sales

    Jackie Morales has been with Secor Subaru and Secor Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram for 7 months and in the car business for 11 years holding a variety of positions including internet sales. Born in Connecticut, Jackie has been in the New London/Norwich area for 7 years. She enjoys assisting customers choose their vehicle and getting what they love. Jackie likes connecting with Secor's customers and she says they make her day. In her spare time, Jackie likes to read, spend time with her family, and go to carnivals, museums, movies and sporting events with her kids. Stop by or call Jackie to set up an appointment in English or Spanish, as she will be happy to help you in either language.

  • Angelo Oddo
    Parts & Service Manager
    860-442-2323 ext.250

    Meet Angelo Oddo, the Secor Subaru Service & Parts Manager at our state-of-the-art, drive-through service center on historic Broad St., New London, right off routes 95 and 85. Angelo is a veteran of the car business having worked in the field for 42 years. Following a passion for all things automotive, Angelo is a second-generation car guy following in his father's footsteps who also began his career as a mechanic. Born and raised in Mystic, Angelo studied automotive trades in high school and began working in the field first as a mechanic before moving to managerial positions. When asked what it is he loves about what he is doing Angelo responds without hesitation, "It's the people…they're what it's all about. There are a lot of places that fix cars but not a lot that take care of and take an interest in their customers. After all, customers are giving over to you for care probably the 3rd most important thing in their lives, which is the key to their transportation needs, recreation, and family life." Angelo is the type of Service Manager you want on your team since he has worked both sides of the shop and understands every aspect involved that makes your experience successful at a first-rate dealership. In his spare time, Angelo enjoys fishing, hiking or going to the beach with his two grandchildren, whom he is raising in Norwich where they all live.

    In the great story category, Angelo credits owner and dealer principal, Charlie Secor with having saved his eyesight years ago, when Angelo was a teenager. They were trailering a car back to the dealership when the hitch broke loose and sent the car in tow into a ravine. When Angelo tried to disconnect the battery of the disabled car, battery acid exploded in his face temporarily blinding him. Charlie removed his shirt and put it over Angelo's eyes helping him into the other vehicle for the drive to the ER. As they were driving frantically to the hospital, Charlie spotted Mrs. Otto's farm and veered off the road into the farm. He ran to the front door of the farmhouse, knocked on her door, explained the situation and Mrs. Otto knew exactly what to do. Grabbing a bucket of fresh milk, she and Charlie poured the milk over Angelo's eyes. At that precise moment, Angelo could feel the acid falling away, washing away the excruciating pain with it. "It was his quick thinking that saved my eyesight… Charlie's like a brother to me." Come into Secor Subaru Service to witness Angelo's baby blues and talk to him about your important service needs.

  • Keith Mattingly
    Service Advisor
    860-442-2323 ext.244

    Keith has been in the automotive business since 1998.  In November of 2010 he joined the Secor Subaru team as a Service Advisor.  He says that one of the things he most enjoys about his line of work is helping people.  In his spare time, Keith likes to go bowling, and enjoys the outdoors and camping.  Stop by Secor Subaru Service soon to talk to Keith about your automotive needs.

  • Jay Fulton
    Service Advisor

    Jay has been with Secor Subaru Service as a Service Advisor for 7 months. He loves cars and has been working on them his whole life, restoring a '73 car at this time. Jay graduated from Savannah State University in Savannah, Georgia, completing there a degree in Mechanical Engineering. After college Jay completed a stint in the Navy and then took an engineering position. From that Jay decided he would like to try something new and applied to Secor Subaru Service. Jay is the father of a newborn and a toddler. In his spare time, he likes spending time with his family, hiking and photography. Please see Jay for your Subaru Service needs.

  • Kim Bass
    Service Advisor
    (860) 442-2323

    Welcome Kim Bass to Secor Subaru Service as a Service Advisor.  Kim has 13 years experience as a paralegal holding a paralegal certificate, and is excited to begin a new challenge in a new field.  Kim is a Southington High School graduate where she took classes in International Business. Kim loves to ski and is a ski race coach at Mt. Southington.  Kim finds Secor Subaru Service new, different and exciting.  She  loves the pace and anticipation of dealing with and talking to new customers everyday both on the phone and at the Secor Subaru Service Center.  In her spare time, Kim loves skiing, family, going to the beach and generally being outside.   Stop by Secor Service Center or call to make an appointment for your vehicle and ask for Kim.

  • Gary Shuster
    Parts Manager
    860-442-2323 ext.252

  • Randy Cone
    Parts Advisor
    860-442-2323 ext.247