Secor Subaru's gimmick free service


Secor Subaru

501 Broad St
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Our Service Philosophy is "Customer-for-Life"


Welcome to Secor Subaru's award winning service department.  Our goal is to make you feel so welcome that you want to come back, whether you bought your car from us or somewhere else.  We achieve our goal by making you feel welcome when you walk through our service door and performing the service and repairs that your car needs. 

Our service is gimmick free.  We do not offer "free" oil changes for life or "free" tires for life because we all know nothing is free.  The fine print that comes with those "free for life" deals is misleading.  Because our oil changes aren't "free" we don't have to pressure you into buying an air filter and wiper blades or a fuel injection service with every "free" oil change because we have to somehow cover our costs.  If your vehicle needs additional attention we will certainly let you know as part of the service, but only because your car needs it.

"Free" tires for life is even more ridiculous.  Typically you are required to pay for a tire balance every 7,500 miles and a wheel alignment every year.  Tire balancing is $50 at a minimum and alignments start at $74.95.  If a set of tires is going to last 60,000 miles do the math.  You will have spent $400 on tire balancing and at least $149.90 on wheel alignments.  That's $549.90 for your "free" no name tires.  If you want name brand tires they will cost you more.   You will also need to do all of your services at the dealer that sold you on this gimmick. Miss a service or be late for one and the "free" tire deal is over.   It doesn't matter that you had the oil changed while you were vacationing in Virginia.

We would be amiss if we didn't admit that we do give some things away for free.  Are they really free?  Well, we do have to pay for them but their cost is like the electric bill, part of the overhead.  Our labor rate or repair times are not elevated to make you pay for them and there are no hoops that you have to jump through to get them.  Gimmick free service.

We have free loaner cars for major services and repairs.  This is not a "program" that is restricted to those who bought their cars here and there is no "program" that you have to sign up for or buy into.  Schedule the car ahead of time and you can borrow it while we service your car.  All we ask is that you replace the gas that you use, don't smoke in the car and don't allow pets in the car. (Even though we love them there are some people who are allergic.)

We do free car washes with every service (weather permitting) and have free coffee, donuts and WiFi in our new waiting area.   We invite you to come and experience Secor Subaru's "gimmick free" service.