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Your Subaru has many moving parts that will eventually wear out. Therefore, your Subaru needs regular maintenance to keep all its components in good condition and help it run smoothly. By getting maintenance services for your Subaru at our New London, CT Subaru Service Center, you can slow down the wear and tear your Subaru goes through and possibly extend the life of your vehicle. So, what kinds of automotive maintenance services should you get for your Subaru? Here are a few services we provide at our service center.

Tire Rotations

Driving on the roads around East Lyme can be tough on your tires. Challenging road conditions can wear down the tread on your tires and cause you to lose traction. Rotating the tires on your Subaru is essential to keeping them in excellent condition. Tire rotations help maximize your tires' tread life to maintain consistent traction by equally distributing wear and tear among all four tires. Rotating the tires at least once a year during an oil change service is best.

Oil Change

We perform oil changes every day for our customers in the area. The frequency of these services depends on the age of your Subaru, its mileage, the climate conditions in Groton, and other factors. One of the best ways to keep your Subaru in good condition is to have at least one oil change every six months or 7,500 miles. However, you may need more frequent oil changes based on the driving conditions. Our oil change service involves changing the oil and oil filter.

Replacing the Engine and Cabin Filters

Your Subaru's engine and cabin air filters ensure that the air in the engine and cabin is clean. The engine air filter aids in preventing dirt and debris from getting into the engine's system. The cabin air filter performs a similar function by keeping outside pollutants like smog, dust, and pollen from entering the car's passenger compartment.

It is best to have our technicians change the engine and air filters every 12 months or 12,000 to 15,000 miles. During an oil change service, our service technicians can check your filters, remove the old ones if they are too dirty, and install new ones. New filters will help your engine, and everyone inside your Subaru receives the necessary fresh air while driving around town.

Braking System Inspection

Your Subaru braking system is your vehicle's most crucial safety component. The ability to quickly stop or slow down greatly aids in helping you drive safely around Waterford, preventing accidents. Your braking system's various parts work together to keep you in control while driving. As a result, scheduling regular brake system inspections and maintenance services can be the difference between suffering a significant accident or keeping everyone safe. Our service center technicians can inspect the braking system to ensure they are in good condition and make any necessary repairs.

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Drivers from around Norwich and Westerly bring their Subaru vehicles to our service center because we provide various maintenance services at a reasonable cost. Our technicians have specialized knowledge and training in Subaru vehicles. We only use genuine OEM parts when servicing your car at Secor Subaru. We will not install items that do not meet Subaru's standards. We also can guarantee that all the components in your Subaru are original and up to Subaru's specifications. Use this helpful form to schedule Subaru service in New London, CT today!

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