One of the most useful technological features of the Subaru Forester is Subaru Eyesight. EyeSight is standard on all Forester models, and is the type of feature that makes everyday driving near East Lyme, CT, safer whether you are running regular errands or commuting daily to work in Groton. Here is what you will want to know about Subaru EyeSight technology in the Forester.

A Second Set of Eyes on the Road

Subaru EyeSight monitors the road around you, essentially giving you exponentially better visibility. EyeSight tracks traffic movement, optimizes cruise control, and alerts you when you start to drift outside of your lane.

Pre-Collision Braking Stop Accidents Before They Happen

Pre-Collision Braking is one of the tremendous safety features made possible by Subaru EyeSight. Whether you are driving around your neighborhood in Waterford or in downtown Norwich, Pre-Collision Braking can help you avoid frontal impacts or otherwise significantly reduce their impact. It works by detecting when an obstacle, vehicle, or pedestrian is ahead of you and a collision is imminent. It then alerts you to apply your brakes. If you do not apply your brakes, the system will apply full braking force automatically.

Adaptive Cruise Control

For long drives on the highway, Adaptive Cruise Control is a very useful feature. EyeSight detects the distance from a vehicle ahead of you, and allows you to set a specific distance from that vehicle that Adaptive Cruise Control will maintain. This feature helps you stay a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you while also keeping you in the center of your lane.

See How EyeSight Works on the Subaru Forester

Waverly drivers interested in the Subaru Forester should stop by Secor Subaru in New London, and see for themselves just how exciting this vehicle is to drive, and how much peace of mind Subaru EyeSight provides. To schedule your test drive, contact us today!

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