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Visit The Tire Center at Secor Subaru in New London, CT

Our Subaru service center in New London is equipped with great services. Tire service is among the services we offer. We have experts who will select the best tires for you at an affordable price.

Tires are among the essential parts of your vehicle. Driving with worn-out tires reduces performance and may result in safety issues. That's why it is good to visit our Subaru dealership near East Lyme if you experience any issues with the tires on your Subaru. We have a wide selection of top-quality tire brands that guarantee excellent performance and safe rides. Our Subaru service center offers top-quality tire service and has access to a selection of top tire brands.

The tires come in different kinds, including seasonal and year-round tires. When it comes to seasonal tires, we suggest you replace them twice a year, that is, during winter and summer. On the other hand, the year-round tires balance the features of summer and winter and come in different variants, including all-terrain, mud, all-season, performance, and low-profile tires.

Tire Rotation Service

During the tire inspection service near Waterford, our team will carry out a tire rotation service, which is changing the position of your tires. This service is always recommended after covering 5,000 miles. This service is important because it has various benefits, including even tread wear that keeps the tread depth uniform.

The patterns used to rotate your tires include:

  • X-pattern
  • Forward Cross
  • Rearward cross

However, the mentioned patterns depend on the type of tires, whether your vehicle's tires are directional and non-directional, whether your vehicle is front or rear-wheel drive, and whether you have a full-size spare tire to be rotated. However, for drivers with vehicles that use high-performance and directional tires, two other unique patterns will be used, side-to-side and front-to-back patterns.

Wheel Alignment

Besides the tire rotation service, our Subaru service center near Norwich also offers wheel alignment servicing. This service ensures excellent performance and long-lasting tires. The wheel alignment service is done through a computerized tech, meaning the thrust and toe angle measurements are accurate. During this inspection, our team will check the tire air pressure and the tire condition.

Give Us a Call Today

Call or pass by the Subaru service center at our dealership for more details on our tire service center. We also serve shoppers searching for tire service near Westerly, RI.