Simoniz GlassCoat at Secor Subaru

Protect Your Vehicle with Simoniz GlassCoat

When you purchase a new vehicle at Secor Subaru, one of the options for added protection is Simoniz GlassCoat. You may be wondering if an extra clearcoat is necessary. One of the main reasons we recommend GlassCoat is to protect against the corrosive effects of road salt on Connecticut roads in the winter. Also, if you store your vehicle outside, GlassCoat can help your new paint resist fading and damage from constant exposure to the elements. There are many benefits to adding on Simoniz GlassCoat because it's such a great product for preventative maintenance and keeping your new car looking like new for years.

What is Simoniz GlassCoat?

Simoniz GlassCoat is like having a ceramic layer of armor protecting your vehicle's exterior paint color from the most common causes of wear and tear. Simoniz has been making car care products for over 100 years and is a trusted name in the auto industry for its superior quality and reliability. Only Simoniz Authorized Dealerships, like Secor Subaru, can apply Simoniz GlassCoat at a professional level to increase the value of your new vehicle at trade in and protect the new car shine for years.

Unlike waxing or using a sealant, Simoniz GlassCoat doesn't just sit on top; it bonds chemically with the hydrogen and oxygen present on the surface of the clearcoat to create a tough ceramic film. The resulting coating is tough enough to withstand 5,000 scrubbings and seven years of weather exposure with virtually no finish erosion, as proven in lab studies.

Benefits of Simoniz GlassCoat

GlassCoat will protect your paint finish and enhance the gloss for many years. The protection is so comprehensive that opting for the Simoniz GlassCoat application when you purchase a new vehicle will increase the value, increase the thickness of the exterior paint by up to ten percent, and can provide added warranty coverage. Adding GlassCoat to a new leased vehicle is a great way to add peace of mind and prevent extra fees for excessive wear and tear. The tough clear coat can protect against environmental factors like extreme weather and corrosive conditions.

Protect Your Vehicle from Common New England Impacts:

Simoniz GlassCoat helps protect your vehicle.  Offering protection from:
  • Acid Rain
  • Bird Droppings
  • Tree Sap
  • Hard Water Spots
  • Insects
  • Aerosol Spray Paint
  • De-Icing Materials
  • UV Damage
  • Paint Overspray
  • Chalking & Fading
  • Loss of Gloss 

Schedule Simoniz GlassCoat Services at Secor Subaru

Our technicians can only apply Simoniz GlassCoat to your new vehicle purchase or lease. Ask our team about adding GlassCoat at the time of purchase and enjoy all the added benefits of the tough clearcoat!