Secor's Car Care Tips


Timely maintenance dose more than keep your Subaru running smoothly. It can help increase your cars trade-in value, improve your gas mileage for those road trips you may have planed. Why not keep your car in top shape and save now so you won't encounter those costly repairs down the road.

Just some helpful tips from our Subaru Certified Mechanics to keep your car up and running:
  • Wipers, Washer, Horn & Lights: Be sure to check the operation of your Subaru's wipers, windshield washer, horn and lights. Helpful hit: Isopoply alcohol makes wiper blades clean again.
  • Tires:Check your tire pressure when tires are cold once a month. Keep tires inflated to manufactures recommendations which you can find on the driver side door frame and in your Subaru overs manual.
  • Battery: Check your Subaru's battery terminals regularly. If you find that the terminals are corroded, when the car is off you can make a mixture of baking soda and water and use a toothbrush to scrub any corrosion away.
  • Air Filter: Depending on the condition of the roads that you and your Subaru travel, you want to make sure that the air filer is clear debris.
  • Belts: With the engine off, check your Subaru's belts for cracks and missing pieces. To check for proper tightness, press down on the belt with your thumb. If the belt gives you more than an inch contact your local Subaru Dealer for them to tighten it.
  • Brake Fluid: Check the fluid level on the outside of the tank using the lines on the reservoir as a guide.  If the level is below MIN, add brake fluid from a sealed container to bring it up to MAX. If there is a leak you will notice a significant drop in the fluid level.  Helpful hit: Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air. Any absorbed moisture can cause a dangerous loss of braking performance.
  • Hoses: When the car is cold, feel your Subaru's hoses for bulges, cracks, soft sports or brittleness.  With the engine running, look for (BUT DON'T TOUCH) bulges or leaks.  If you detect any, have the hose replaced by your dealership. Helpful hit: Avoid replacing air conditioning hoses yourself. Their pressurized gases can cause serious injury.
  •  Coolant: Check the level of coolant i your radiator by looking at the coolant overflow tank. Maintaining a 50/50 mix of antifreeze will keep your engine cool in hot weather and prevent damage when temperature fall as low as 40 below. Helpful hit: do not remove the radiator cap until the engine is turned off and has cooled down. 
  • Oil: Depending on the driving conditions your Subaru is subject to, changing your oil and filer as recommended in your Owner's Manual as well as the recommended oil grade.

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