Secor's Travel Tips


Planning a vacation by car this year? Get the right preventative maintenance on your Subaru before you leave. Prevent roadside delays and increase your gas mileage.
Secor's Certified Mechanic's recommended travel check list.

  • Oil & Filter Change: Give your Subaru a fresh filter to provide better fuel economy, optimum power for a smoother ride. Oil is your engines blood line. It is extremely important that the engine oil and filter be changed regularly, and especially before a long trip. Change the oil and oil filter according to the maintenance schedule in the Subaru Warranty and Maintenance Booklet.
  • Tires: Why not extend the life of your tires? Help them wear evenly and help ensure you don't get stranded on the side of the road. Have your cars tires rotated according to your Subaru Warranty and Maintenance Booklet. Always check your tire pressure according to the tire placard on the inside drivers door frame for the best fuel economy, ride comfort and handling.
  • Cooling System: A properly functioning cooling system is critical to engine operation. It is recommended that the cooling system and hose connections be checked frequently for leaks, damage or looseness.
  • Subaru's Best Bet: Consider taking advantage of the 25-point Vehicle inspection at your next service. A trained and Certified Subaru Technician will perform a through, multi point inspection on your Subaru.

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